Donna O

We have a summer home in Frankfort and were up there recently to work with some contractors.  While there over the weekend,  I started to have the sensation that I had a metal trash can in my mouth (not fun or pretty!) and I knew it was a loose crown again!  Ugh. It was a back molar and had been a problem just a couple of months before for my dentist downstate.  I talked to some “locals,” looked on line and decided to walk into Franke Family Dentistry that Monday morning to see if they could help me decide what my options were.  I did not have an appointment, but was hoping to get in that day or the next.

Although busy, the staff was very nice and very accommodating and was able to get me in to see Dr. Jana Franke after just a short wait.  It was extra kind of them because the office was very busy.   Dr. Franke was so very nice and I will not hesitate to go back, as we will eventually be spending half of our time in Frankfort.  Honestly, I was all about having her make me a new crown on site (I had read that they do this), but Dr. Franke explained that my original crown was in great condition and it probably wasn’t necessary for this situation.  It was her suggestion that we cement the original crown back in place and try to get a little more time with it.  This tooth has been a problem for me and my dentist at home for a couple of years now, so it would have been easy for them to sell me on something much bigger.  They didn’t even try and I really appreciated her honesty.  They cleaned it up, re-cemented it and I was on my way with no more bad taste or loose, wobbly crown!

So far (knock on wood); all is well. I am so very grateful to Dr. Franke for getting it back in place for me.  I know that, long term, I’m probably looking at an implant back there, but I am thankful for the extra time they gave me before I have to fork out the money required for that kind of work.

I will not hesitate to have work done on my teeth at Franke Family Dentistry and will recommend it to friends and family, as well.