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There are a million reasons to smile. 
Let Third Coast Dental Group be one of them!

  • Family Dentistry

    Providing Family Dental Services to the Greater Frankfort MI Area

    As a family dentistry practice, we perform a wide variety of procedures for your entire family that can address an equally wide variety of dental problems. Our services include preventative family dentistry, restorative family dentistry, porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, dental implants, and many other dental services.

    You can rely on our combined experience of 44 years. Expect your dental experience to be comfortable and pleasant during each stay.

  • Latest Dental Technology

    We Offer the Latest in Dental Technology

    Third Coast Dental Group is focused on providing our patients with access to the best advances in dentistry.  We are proud to offer CEREC crowns, same day crown technology, in our office.  Check out more about CEREC at www.cereconline.com, and talk to our Dentists to see how CEREC can improve your dental health.

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Dentist with patient

There are a million reasons to smile.
Let Third Coast Dental Group be one of them!

With over 44 years of combined experience, you can trust Third Coast Dental Group to give you dental services that satisfy your needs. From CEREC dentistry fillings and veneers to hygiene laser treatment, we do it all for you in Frankfort, MI.

We have a summer home in Frankfort and were up there recently to work with some contractors.  While there over the weekend,  I started to have the sensation that I had a metal trash can in my mouth (not fun or pretty!) and I knew it was a loose crown again!  Ugh. It was a back molar and had been a problem just a couple of months before for my dentist downstate.  I talked to some “locals,” looked on line and decided to walk into Franke Family Dentistry that Monday morning to see if they could help me decide what…

- Donna O