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The Doctors and team at Third Coast Dental Group want every dental appointment to be as comfortable as possible.  You can expect us to ask you if you are having any concerns with your teeth or mouth and if there have been any changes to your health.  We will explain the treatment plan for the visit and answer any questions you have. If you have additional questions please contact us!  The friendly staff at Third Coast Dental Group are here to help!

We recommend starting with an evaluation performed by one of the doctors at Third Coast Dental Group so that we can determine your specific treatment needs.  After the evaluation and exam is done we will determine the proper cleaning recommended for you.  Since we offer more than just one type of cleaning, we want to be sure we allow adequate time to perform the services.

Yes we are!  As a new patient, your first appointment includes a comprehensive exam, x-rays, and a consultation. When you come in for your consultation, the office manager will go over your treatment plan, pricing options and will schedule you for any future appointments.

Absolutely. Many times, the patient has no signs or symptoms of disease or decay.  X-rays allow us to see directly between the teeth, under gums and bones so that if there is a problem, we can catch it early.  Prevention is important to make treatment easier for you and your wallet!

Flossing reduces the number of bacteria in your mouth and allows you to get the particles between the teeth out of your mouth.  Brushing your teeth gets rid of some of the bacteria in your mouth but flossing gets rid of the bacteria that the toothbrush can’t get to.  Plaque can be removed by brushing but only your dentist and dental hygienist can remove tartar.  Ask us to show you the proper way to floss.  You will notice the difference at the next cleaning appointment!

You should spend two to three minutes every time you brush your teeth because it takes that long to get rid of the bacteria that destroy tooth enamel.  Be careful not to brush too hard as it takes very little pressure to remove bacteria and plaque.  Be sure to floss at least once a day as that is the only way to get the bacteria between your teeth.  Make sure to watch your sugar intake and also be mindful of foods like raisins and peanut butter that stick to your teeth.  Try to minimize the times during the day when sweet items are eaten and brush your teeth afterwards.  If you can’t brush after a meal, rinsing your mouth with water will help remove food from your teeth.  Chewing sugarless gum after a meal can also help.  And don’t forget your regular dental visits which will go a long way toward a no-cavity visit!

Yes. All children should be seen by their first birthday or 6 months after the eruption of the first tooth  The sooner a child is seen, the earlier any issues can be spotted. This also gives us the opportunity to talk about the child’s diet, tips for brushing and prevention of dental decay.

If you are having trouble getting your kids to brush their teeth it’s time to make it fun!  If you are enthusiastic about brushing your teeth, your children will also be enthusiastic. Children want to do the things their parents do so if they see you brushing your teeth and practicing good dental habits, the odds of them doing the same are higher.  Getting your children to brush starts with taking them to the dentist at an early age.